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5 Healthy Foods To Avoid On A Diet

Losing weight is never an easy task to most people. This is because for you to experience effective weight loss, you have to adjust your lifestyle. Change is never easy especially when it comes to dieting. Your diet play a great role in ensuring that you meet your weight loss targets. Below is a list of healthy foods that you should avoid when trying to lose weight.

1. Multi-Grain Bread
This bread type might sound healthy but it lacks minerals and vitamins. This is because the grains might be over processed. This strips them of fiber and nutrients. Instead, you should take a whole meal bread since it’s more nutritious and has high fiber content.

2. Whole Wheat Pasta
Whole Wheat PastaMost people try to replace their white pasta with brown pasta when trying to lose weight. Even though brown pasta is healthy, this is a wrong move since it hinders weight loss. This is because whole weight pasta is very rich in carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are digested into sugars. Instead of replacing your white pasta with brown pasta, you can go for spaghetti squash since it has low carbohydrate content.

3. Sugar-Free foods
Even though sugar free foods have low calories levels, they might be having unhealthy sugar alternatives. Research has shown that your body might end up processing fake sugar as if it is real sugar. This results to an increase in insulin levels.

4. Granola
This a delicious topping normally on yogurts, desserts and cereals. Since it is made from oatmeal, you might think that it is good for weight loss. This is never the case since it also contains a lot of sugar and butter. It thus has high calories levels. If you need topping, go for bran cereal. Bran cereal has a lot of fiber and make you full for a long time before your body demands more food.

5. Tropical Fruit
Even though fruits are a great choice for snacks when trying to lose weight, they might have hidden calories. Tropical fruits have a lot of sugar levels. For instance mangoes and pineapples. You should go for apples instead since they are rich in fiber and have lower calories.

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