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Dieting 101: Tips That Actually Work

Gone were the days when people ate with no inhibitions and care for consequences. This generation is all about calorie counting, juice cleanses and organic snack subscriptions. People now are more aware of how eating habits affect the body, like the glow of their skin or the number on the scale. That’s the reason why there are so many diets peddled by different people, some by celebrities, others by doctors, and the rest by fitness gurus. But, how do you know which one works and which ones are faux tips that end up making you gain more weight?

Simple, it should be backed by a scientific explanation. If it does not make sense, it’s probably not true. This list compiles some of the tips that are proven to work, not just by science but also by practice.

Dieting 101 Tips

1. Plan Your Diet
If you know what you’re going to eat and the calories that come with it, the chances of you going over are very little. Make sure that you add diversity in you meal plans, so you don’t get tired of eating the same food all the time.

2. Count calories
Knowing how much you consume will help you figure out if you’ve gone overboard. To help you measure calories, you can download calorie counter apps from Play Store or App Store that have almost every type of food listed.

3. Hydrate
If you’re a fan of salty food, then this is the best remedy. Water cleanses the body from salt other toxins. It also keeps you feeling full, lessening the tendency for unnecessary snacking.

4. Don’t Oversalt
Salt is one of the most common reasons why people gain weight. It doesn’t just keep you bloated. It makes you feel hungrier than you are, convincing you to eat more.

5. Plate Your Food
By putting serving dishes on the table, you’re conditioning yourself to get more servings. Most of the time, you instinctively will, so plate your food before meals and keep the rest.

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